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Why Are Families Choosing Ambassador Christian School?

Our Christian Values

We’re an open-enrollment school, which means families need to be open to the teachings of Christ, but they are not required to sign a statement of faith to attend. We focus on providing an environment of joy, kindness, respect, honor, and humility.

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Our Belief in
Hard Work

Talented teachers and championship-winning coaches will develop your teen’s work ethic, initiative, discipline, and hustle — key virtues that will help them succeed in all areas of life. 

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Our Investment in Excellence

Our athletes will train in first-class facilities and have access to the nation’s largest Human Performance Lab located at Joe Gibbs Racing facility. Our future includes a state-of-the-art vocational hands-on training center.

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"From my perspective, as a parent of three children, we look at things in our family from a biblical worldview, and we can’t separate that from who we are. I’m excited that other kids will have the opportunity to come to Ambassador and really look at things from a theological and biblical perspective. We are going to be focused on hope, virtue, truth, and purpose. In so many schools today, they’ve really walked away from that. But we believe hope, virtue, truth, and purpose are all rooted in our faith and in scripture.”

- Nicole Bryan, Co-Founder and Board Chair of Ambassador Christian School

11901 Sam Furr Road, Huntersville, NC 28078 

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Discover a new high school where your teen can excel in academics, explore industrial arts, experience a vibrant arts program, and be mentored by championship-winning coaches.

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At Ambassador Christian, we tap into your teen’s natural drive to succeed and offer a rigorous curriculum with robust advanced placement classes and plentiful electives. 

College-Prep Academics

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We will field an expected 18 sports teams in the 2024-25 school year. Our athletes will play for experienced and successful coaches. We lookforward to being accepted to play in the NCISAA organization against other top schools in NC.

Top-Tier Sports

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For your artist, we offer band, choir, broadcast journalism, graphic design, performing arts, three art labs, and an impressive 2,000-seat auditorium. And we’re still building and growing.

Outstanding Electives

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Our teaching garage and commercial kitchen are unique in the area. Plus, students interested in industrial arts take an entrepreneurship class that makes them even more competitive in the workforce.

High-Tech Facilities For Industrial Arts

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